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Horizontal baler HC40

The horizontal channel baler is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for continous compaction of large waste volumes.

Press force

40 t

Waste volume


Bale size

WxDxH (mm) 1200 x 1100 x 750

Bale weight

Cardboard (kg) 250-400
Plastic foil (kg) 300-450

Waste types

Cardboard, Plastic Foil.

Highlights and product features

For large needs and limited space

The horizontal balers are suitable if you need an efficient and compact solution with high capacity.


Fully automatic solution

Load the baler continuously and enjoy automatic press cycles and bale tying.

Horizontal balers for extra large waste volumes:

  • Fully automatic
  • Compact solution – requires minimal floor space
  • Continuous loading
  • Automatic bale tying
  • Low noise level
  • Flexible output – adjustable bale length
  • Extra wide feed opening

How does the horizontal baler work?

Efficient work flow with continous filling of waste

  1. Fill your plastic or cardboard waste into the hopper.
  2. An automatic light barrier starts the pressing cycle.
  3. Bales are tied automatically and pushed out of the channel.
  4. Remove the finished bales with a pallet jack.

Models in this range


Fully automatic baler with high capacity. For compacting high volumes of recyclables and making stackable bales

  • checkNumerable loading options
  • checkLarge filling opening
  • checkSimple operation

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As quiet as an air conditioner

Optional Extras

Wall hopper enables constant baler filling

Handle your inside waste more efficiently with a wall hopper. Eliminate going outside and load your waste directly into the baler through the wall.


Empty your waste bins easily with a tipping system

Use a tipping system to empty your full waste bin into your horizontal baler. The tipping system comes in integrated, stationary and movable versions.


Use bigger wire rolls and reduce manual wire changing

Minimize machine standstill by reducing the frequency of roll changes. Our high-volume wire system lets you install bigger wire rolls up to 500 kg.